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Group Leader – Genomics Technology Development Heidelberg (Germany) Science faculty
Head of Administration, EMBL-EBI EBI - Hinxton (UK) Administration
UniProt Curation Team Leader EBI - Hinxton (UK) Science faculty
Exciting PhD positions at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) All EMBL Sites (Germany, UK, France, Italy) Predoctoral fellowships
Industrial Liaison Scientist in Macromolecular Crystallography Hamburg (Germany) Research
Industrial Liaison for High Throughput Crystallography Grenoble (France) Research
Postdoctoral Fellow EBI - Hinxton (UK) Postdoctoral fellowships
Postdoctoral Fellow - BioSAXS Hamburg (Germany) Postdoctoral fellowships
Postdoctoral Fellow - Protein crystallography Grenoble (France) Postdoctoral fellowships
Postdoctoral Fellow – Cryo-EM of Membrane Proteins Heidelberg (Germany) Postdoctoral fellowships
Controls Engineer Hamburg (Germany) Technical support
Coordinator - ELIXIR Compute Platform EBI - Hinxton (UK) IT & software engineering
Research Technician Grenoble (France) Research
Research Technician - Cryo-Electron Microscopy & Tomography Heidelberg (Germany) Science services support
Research Technician - Structural Biology Heidelberg (Germany) Science services support
Scientific Officer - Biophysical Characterization Heidelberg (Germany) Science services support
Chemogenomics Analyst EBI - Hinxton (UK) Bioinformatics and data curation
Technical Coordinator: ELIXIR Human Genomics and Translational Data Services EBI - Hinxton (UK) Bioinformatics and data curation
Administrative Assistant - International Relations Heidelberg (Germany) Administration
Administrative Assistant in the ELIXIR Director's Office EBI - Hinxton (UK) Administration
Assistant Data Editor EMBO (Heidelberg, Germany) Administration
ELIXIR Scientific Administrator EBI - Hinxton (UK) Administration
Head of Controlling Heidelberg (Germany) Administration
Research Support Officer EBI - Hinxton (UK) Administration
Trainee / Internship - International Relations Heidelberg (Germany) Administration
Linux Systems Administrator EBI - Hinxton (UK) IT & software engineering
Web Developer EBI - Hinxton (UK) IT & software engineering
Course and Conference Officer Heidelberg (Germany) Communication and training
Event Organiser EBI - Hinxton (UK) Administration
Internal Communications Officer Heidelberg (Germany) Communication and training
Manager of External Scientific Courses Heidelberg (Germany) Communication and training
Marketing Officer Heidelberg (Germany) Administration
Audiovisual Technician Heidelberg (Germany) Technical support
Auszubildende zum Koch (m/w) Heidelberg (Germany) General support services
Erzieher/in - Kinderpfleger/in im Anerkennungsjahr Heidelberg (Germany) General support services
Junior Cook / Jungkoch Heidelberg (Germany) General support services
Kindergarten Assistant (Maternity cover) Heidelberg (Germany) General support services
Pädagogische Fachkraft / Kindergarten Assitant Heidelberg (Germany) General support services
Rechtsreferendar/in Heidelberg (Germany) Trainee and internships
Trainee / Internship in Resource Development Heidelberg (Germany) Trainee and internships
Web Development Trainee EBI - Hinxton (UK) Trainee and internships

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