EMBL Grenoble provides a number of research services to in-house and external users as well as having access to the services provided by other units of EMBL.

Access to third generation synchrotron beamlines for macromolecular crystallography
In collaboration with the ESRF, we provide access to seven macromolecular crystallography beamlines at the ESRF and an EU funded User Programme exists to support this access.

Access to instruments for neutron crystallography on the high flux neutron source of the ILL
In collaboration with the ILL, access is provided to two instruments for neutron crystallography.

PSB platforms

In the context of the Partnership for Structural Biology (PSB), EMBL Grenoble provides the following services, at present mainly for in-house users:

  • Deuteration and isotope labeling
    A joint EMBL/ILL/IBS Deuteration and Isotope laboratory has been established as part of the Partnership for Partnership for Structural Biology (PSB). Its purpose is to develop tools and expertise needed to produce deuterated materials for neutron scattering experiments and NMR as well as improved systems and technologies for the production and analysis of deuterium-labelled biological macromolecules.
    (Further information: EMBL-ILL Deuteration Laboratory)
  • High-throughput crystallisation
    Our high-throughput crystallisation platform, based on a Cartesin nanodrop dispensing robot and Rigaku storage and visualization system, is one of the core technical platforms of the Partnership for Structural Biology (PSB). We also try to bridge the gap between high-throughput crystallisation and automated synchrotron data collection systems.
  • High-throughput screening for soluble protein expression
    In the context of the Partnership for Structural Biology (PSB), combinatorial approaches, screening and robotics are applied to develop novel methods to solve challenging problems of protein expression for structural biology.