Location & dates ESRF Auditorium, Grenoble 2 Apr 2014
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Ten years ago, the EMBL Units in Grenoble and Hamburg decided to enhance the co-ordination of their activities in developing state-of-the-art instrumentation and methods for use of synchrotron radiation in structural biology. Since then, progress and future projects have regularly been presented and reviewed at annual brainstorming meetings alternating between Grenoble and Hamburg.

On 2 April we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of these meetings. We are delighted to have the Director Generals of both collaborating synchrotron research organizations, Francesco Sette from the ESRF in Grenoble and Helmut Dosch from the DESY, in Hamburg as well as Iain Mattaj joining the meeting and delivering key note presentations on behalf of each partner. Florent Cipriani from Grenoble and Thomas Schneider from Hamburg will then each give a summary of collaboration high lights on behalf of our many colleagues from both EMBL Units.

We believe that the bilateral cooperation between EMBL Grenoble and Hamburg is a prime example of synergy across EMBL units as well as highlighting EMBL's central role in collaborating with leading national and international scientific infrastructures. Please share this exciting moment and what it represents with us, at 14:00 on 2 April 2014 in the ESRF Auditorium.

Stephen Cusack & Matthias Wilmanns


Location: ESRF Auditorium

14:00 Stephen Cusack - Welcome
14:10 Helmut Dosch - "Life sciences at DESY"
14:30 Francesco Sette - "Life sciences at the ESRF"
14:50 Iain Mattaj - "Research infrastructures for the Life Sciences"
15:10 Florent Cipriani - "10 years of synchrotron instrumentation for biology (and the future)"
15:30 Thomas Schneider - "10 years of advances in synchrotron MX (and the future)"
15:50 Matthias Wilmanns - Closing Remarks
16:00 Celebratory refreshments in the ESRF Visitor Center

Attendance of the lecture programme is possible without registration.

If you would also like to attend the celebratory refreshments in the ESRF Visitor Center, please register by 12 March 2014 via the following form: