EIPOD4 has one annual call for applications. The 2019 call is open from June 17th until September 5th, 2019. Key dates in the 2019 call are summarized in the table below.

Date(s) Description
June 17th- September 5th 2019 EIPOD call is open
September 6th- October 1st Evaluation of submitted applications by relevant expert panels
October 7th Short-listing Meeting
October 11th EIPOD office sends out invitations to interview. Candidates who are not shortlisted are informed
Prior to November 26th Applicants with projects involving EMBL faculty at EMBL Barcelona, EMBL-EBI, EMBL Grenoble, EMBL Hamburg and/or EMBL Rome visit the relevant lab(s).
November 26th (during the day) Applicants with projects involving EMBL Heidelberg faculty visit the relevant lab.
November 26th (starting at 16:45) Welcome event for all interviewing candidates
November 27th  EIPOD interviews at EMBL Heidelberg for all interviewing candidates
December 3rd Interviewed candidates are informed of the outcome of the interviews